An exciting new school year has begun! For many parents this is the time of year where the grocery list will include many delicious (and not so healthy) snacks. A great way to ensure that your child receives a well-balanced lunch is to incorporate Dimpflmeier Bread. Not only do we have many styles to choose from, but did you know that we only use natural spring water from Terra Cotta in all of our breads? Why is that important, you may ask? Well, natural spring water is enriched with many minerals, and does not contain chlorine and other chemicals found in normal drinking water making our bread not only different but also very healthy.
Our Schweden Brot Light Rye Bread is an excellent style of bread to incorporate in your children’s sandwiches, not only does it also contain the natural spring water but it is also made with a lower fermentation process which in turns creates an easily digested style of bread.
When you are done with our loaf of bread you can easily recycle the bag. Not only will choosing Dimpflmeier Bread be exceptionally healthy for your children, you will also be helping the environment, which will create a better future for your little ones.