Frequently Asked Questions – General

Q: I freeze my bread, is it okay to microwave it to defrost?
A. We do not recommend defrosting in the package, otherwise it is fine.
Q. I am gluten intolerant, can I eat your bread?
A. The 100% Rye breads do have gluten in much smaller amounts than wheat breads, therefore some people report that they tolerate this product well. It is not suitable for people with celiac disease.
Q. Do you have any peanuts in your facility?
A. No we do not. All suppliers must submit a complete allergen report.
Q. Is your wheat Genetically Modified?
A. No. We buy only Canadian Wheat which is governed by the Canadian Grain Commission. Since May 2006 there is no transgenic varieties of wheat registered in Canada.
Q. Is there any milk in the Sourdough?
A. The sourdough is milk and lactose free.
Q. Are your bread bags recyclable?
A. Yes they are recyclable #4.
Q. What are mono and di-glycerides and sorbitan monostearate?
A. They are emulsifiers made from fatty acids and man made vegetable sources.
Q. Does your pan grease contain BHA, BHT or TBHQ?
A. No
Q. How much gluten is in spelt flour?
A. Comparable to winter wheat, testing at roughly 10-26%. Like wheat spelt contains both gliadin and glutenin but in a different relationship than seen in wheat. Some people who react to wheat do not react to spelt. However, it is vital that you check with your doctor before trying spelt grains if you are allergic to wheat grains.
Q. What is Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate?
A. It is the partially neutralized esterifiction of lactic acid and stearic acid and contains no animal.
Q. What is caramel colour?
A. Caramel colour is carmelized corn syrup.

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