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About Us

The Tradition

Started in 1957 by Alfons Dimpflmeier, a German bread master, Dimpflmeier Bakery remains true to its roots. Germany is a country known for fine food, but it is perhaps most renowned for the fine art of baking. German bakers and their creations are respected the world over. None deserve this reputation more than Alfons Dimpflmeier. Trained as a Master Baker then graduated at the famous Handelskammer in Munich, Mr. Dimpflmeier brought his rare skills to Canada in 1957. From the beginning Mr. Dimpflmeier has used century old recipes baked in authentic stone ovens to create rye breads of superb quality and flavour. Baking true rye bread is a delicate and lengthy process that demands the finest natural ingredients and painstaking preparation. Dimpflmeier Rye Breads are now available throughout North America but every loaf is still prepared with the same tradition of excellence that has always distinguished Dimpflmeier products.

The Quality

Dimpflmeier has always used only the finest ingredients in all of our rye breads and baked goods. This commitment to quality led Alfons Dimpflmeier to purchase his own soft-water spring in the unspoiled country side of Terra Cotta, Ontario. Natural spring water is rich in minerals but free of chlorine and other chemicals found in normal drinking water. Natural spring water enhances the flavour of all Dimpflmeier Bakery products and thus our commitment to producing the finest quality baked goods found anywhere in the world.

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Quality ingredients

Canadian rye & artesian spring water from our own spring in Terra Cotta

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Timeless Recipes

Created by Alphons Dimpflmeier, our recipes have stood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed to this day
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The Best Breads

Available across Canada and the USA with over 30 varieties to choose from

We Bake Delicious Bread

Baked in authentic stone ovens from Germany, our breads are as made the way they’re supposed to.

Bread Varieties

North America

Our Breads

With over 30 varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find your next favourite!