There isn’t just ANY way to slice it: Tips for cutting bread.

We humbly believe Dimpflmeier Bakery bread is the best part of any sandwich. And if you want it to look as delicious as it tastes, your slicing skills matter.

When it comes to choosing a knife, an offset serrated knife should be your first choice. This knife used in a sawing motion will give the cleanest slice.

You can also get an electric knife. While these feel a little old-school, they do a wonderful job of cleanly slicing Dimpflmeier Bakery bread with less crumb and perfect edges.

Turn the bread on its side to cut. The thickly crusted bottom will cut more easily this way. And hold the loaf gently. If you push down as you saw, you’ll squish the loaf.

If your goal slices are thin and even, you might consider a slicing guide. Meggy from has these suggestions for selecting a slicer.

Things to look for when buying a bread slicing guide are as follows:

• Robust construction
• Ensure the bread can be held firmly so it doesn’t slip
• Check that the bread guide itself will grip the table or is heavy enough not to slip
• It has moveable guides so you can have thin, medium or thick slices
• It is dishwasher safe

Freshly sliced bread can make or break any sandwich. Try these tricks and you’ll be a supreme slicer in no time.