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What to do with stale bread?

Sometimes I purchase a French stick baguette or a loaf of sour dough rye and for one reason or another it does not all get finished.  

 I always have good intentions of storing the remaining bread in the freezer to be used later, but more often than not, I forget and before I know it, I have leftover stale bread on my hands. 

What to do?   If you find yourself in this same situation, instead of throwing it out, check out these 17 great ways to get more out of your stale bread.   

I hate wasting food!   These ideas will save you money and provide you and your family with tasty alternatives to throwing out these leftover loaves. 

Share your ideas and recipes of what you do with stale bread.   Email us at recipes@dimpflmeierbakery.com.  I would love to read them and will share them with our Dimpflmeier fans!